A Digital History Project as Part of the Digital Humanities

These slides (pdf) were part of a December 2015 presentation at the Vermont Alliance for the Social Studies Conference in Manchester, VT.

Session description: Empower students to do the work of historians by using online archives and online tools such Google Maps, graphing sites, text-analysis utilities, and free website hosting platforms. Learn how one AP U.S. History class created an original digital history project consisting of an interactive map and data visualizations. The workshop will explain how the class collaborated and proceeded, step by step, through text mining, brainstorming, researching, data processing, mapping, writing, and using spreadsheets for developing graphics. The class’s final product, Federalists and Antifederalists in New Hampshire (apush.omeka.net) will be presented. How the project fits into the digital humanities (DH) will also be discussed.

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