CMTC 2010: Building A Virtual Learning Commons

Presentation at 2010 Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference: While the physical learning commons provides learners with information resources, space, and technology for research and content production, the virtual learning commons offers the digital equivalent. From databases and eBooks to Web 2.0 tools like wikis, blogs, and various productivity sites, the virtual learning commons gives students a place to gather, seek, create, and share. By highlighting a wide array of online tools organized around the themes of doing and sharing content, this workshop suggests ways that traditional websites can be expanded and made more modern and useful for today’s 21st-century learners. Illustrative school and library websites are also profiled. Explore the virtual learning commons concept as illustrated by different academic websites.

NHSLMA 2010: Library Redesign

For May 21 in Nashua. Library Redesign: Pursuing the physical and virtual learning commons by changing floor space and web content.  NHSLMA 2010 Conference.

The session will look at the concept of the library learning commons, and through the use of before-and-after photos and sample websites, will highlight changes made to two school libraries in an effort to make them more flexible and more relevant and appealing to today’s 21st-century students.  Notes: Viewing the Prezi (below) requires the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player.  These slides provide an overview of the original presentation.  Contact me if you’re interested in a link to the complete Prezi.

NHSLMA 2010 Conference on Prezi