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Return Instructions
Note: All warranty requests, incorrect or damaged items require prior approval. Please see Warranty Information for details.

Generate a return authorization:

Start your return by generating a new return authorization form directly online from the online invoice page.


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click the RETURN button shown on your online receipt.
    • The online receipt page may be found in the Order Status section.
    • Only shipped orders qualify for returns.
  2. Select the quantity and type of the item(s) being returned.
    • Return Types: Refund, Exchange, or Warranty.
    • Return Comments: Instructions, issues, item(s) being exchanged.
  3. Print out your return form and package your return.
    • No printer? Simply write the order number outside of the box.
    • Pack the items including all original packaging and condition securely in a cardboard box (Please do not use an envelope).
    • Lens Guarantee Requests: Include a copy of the (new) prescription in the return package.
    • Try-on Requests: Describe the lenses and options desired in the comments section of the return and include a copy of the prescription in the return package.
  4. Ship your return.
    • Ship the return to the address provided on the return form.
    • International returns write 'RETURN WITH NO VALUE' on your shipment, or it may be refused.
    • Ship your package insured and trackable with USPS, UPS, FedEx, or shipping courier of your choice.
    • A pre-paid return USPS shipping label may be provided for an additional cost upon customer request. Request Order Assistance or Contact Support to request a pre-paid return shipping label.
  5. Track your return.
    • Track the return shipment using the tracking number provided by the shipping company.
    • Returns received are processed by the returns department around 1-2 weeks after delivery.
    • A notification email is sent to the customer when the return is processed with details regarding the refund, exchange, or if any other issues which may require further attention.
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Check Return Status

Track the status of a return based on the possession and location of the shipment.


Return Process Lifecycle

  1. Return shipment is delivered to the returns facility by the shipping company.
  2. The returned package is opened, manually reviewed, and inspected by an agent. 
  3. Merchandise is either accepted, refused, or placed on hold. Notifications are sent to the customer via email.
  4. Return is finalized and any new invoices are generated and emailed to the customer.

Track Return Shipment

Track the returned shipment with the shipping courier used to receive the estimated delivery date and the date delivered to the returns facility. The shipping company must be contacted for assistance if the return shipment has not been delivered to the returns facility. 


Return Processing & Finalization

All returns are manually opened, reviewed, and inspected by an agent. Upon review, the return is either accepted, refused, or placed on hold, and an email notification of the action is sent to the customer. Returns begin processing within 1-2 weeks from the date of delivery. A notification email is sent by the returns department upon processing the return and when the return is finalized, including any additional refund or exchange invoices. If there has not been any email notification regarding the processed return in 2 weeks from the delivery date, please Request Order Assistance for further assistance.


Exchange Status

Exchanges are processed as new orders. The new order is generated like any other order but will include any credit adjustments from the returned merchandise accepted for return. A confirmation of the new order is sent to the customer and may also be found in the order history (for registered customers). Exchange invoices have their own unique reference numbers (order id) and may be tracked like any other order. Exchange orders generally begin processing the following business day from the day they are generated. 


Refund Status

Refund invoices are generated for accepted returns requested for a refund. A copy of the refund invoice is provided via email and may also be found in the order history (for registered customers). Refund invoices have their own unique reference numbers (order id) and may be tracked like any ordinary order. Refund invoices are generally processed to the payment method on file and finalized within 3 business days from the day they are generated. Refunds issued to the payment method may take up to 7 business days to post the bank statement, depending on the cardholder's bank.

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Request Return Assistance

Receive assistance directly online with the most common return requests or contact the order support department for further return assistance.


Return Changes & Modifications

Make changes with a return directly online by generating a new authorization form as explained in the Return Instructions. A new return authorization form may be generated at any time before the return is processed as the most recent request submitted will be processed, even if the return has already been shipped and delivered, but has not yet been processed.


Return Cancellations

Generated return authorizations do not need to be canceled if they have not been shipped. Return authorization requests are ignored until the merchandise is received by the returns department. If a return that has already been shipped needs to be canceled, request further return assistance as explained below.


Further Return Assistance

Further assistance for a returned order may be requested through the original order (number). Please see the Request Order Assistance section for details on how to create a new support ticket online.

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Return Policy

We offer flexible and convenient return options and policies to support most return types. Return time-frames may vary based on the return types below.

Type Days Description Policy
Refund 30 Qualifying items may be returned for a refund to the same payment method on file. Certain rules and exceptions apply, see policy for details. Return Policy
Exchange 30 Qualifying items may be returned for an exchange for another item or store credit towards a future order. Certain rules and exceptions apply, see policy for details. Return Policy
Try-on (Exchange) 30 Order multiple frame styles to try on at home before adding lenses. Return the frames to have lenses made for the approved styles while receiving a credit on the rejected styles towards the lenses. A return for an exchange may be selected for home try-on requests. Certain rules and exceptions apply, see policy for details. Return Policy
Lens Accuracy Guarantee (Warranty) 60 Prescription lens orders are covered against changes in the prescription by the doctor. Lenses in the new prescription are made at no extra cost aside from the processing fee. Certain rules and exchanges apply, see policy for details. Lens Accuracy Guarantee
Warranty 365 Defective merchandise is covered under warranty for repair or replacement at no extra cost aside from the processing fee. Certain rules and exchanges apply, see policy for details. Warranty Policy
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Return Conditions
Returns may not be accepted if they do not satisfy the return conditions.
  • Merchandise must be returned within the time period advertised based on the return type. See Return Policy
  • Merchandise condition must be brand new re-sellable condition.
    • Without damage or breakage
    • Without signs of use, wear, and fingerprints
    • Without non-reversible alterations
  • All originally included package contents must be returned.
    • Authenticity papers, cards, and tags
    • Demo lenses & patterns
    • Case & Box
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Any included tools or other contents
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Warranty Information

Shop with confidence knowing your purchase is guaranteed under the Go-Optic warranty and any other additional warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Please review the Troubleshoot section for information and assistance with defective issues.

Go-Optic Warranty

The Go-Optic warranty is handled directly through the returns department. Review the following information to help understand the warranty service. Certain rules and exceptions may apply. Please see the complete Warranty Policy for details.

  • What is covered:

    Go-Optic warrants that all new products are free from defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. All new prescription lenses are warranted to be accurate to the correct prescription for 60 days. Please see the Lens Accuracy Guarantee for details.

  • What is not covered:

    The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. Cosmetic or incidental damages, breakage, alteration, or standard wear and tear are not considered defective and are not covered under warranty.

  • What we will do:

    We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any product that proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period. If your product is no longer being manufactured or is out of stock, we may replace your product with a comparable or improved product at our option. If you return a defective product within the first 30 days of purchase, you will receive a new replacement unit. Replacement units sent to replace products returned after the first 30 days from the date of purchase may be refurbished units of similar cosmetic wear.

  • What we will not do:

    We will not pay for shipping, insurance, or transportation charges from you to us, or any import fees, duties, and taxes.

  • How to obtain the warranty service:

    All warranty requests may be handled through the standard return procedure by following the Return Instructions and selecting "Warranty" as the return type.

    Send photos of the defective product for prior approval. Prior email approval is recommended to receive faster service and avoid incurring any irrecoverable and unnecessary (shipping) fees for an unapproved request. The following email support form may be used to attach and send photos of the defective product to the returns department for review.

      Email Support Form

Manufacturers Warranty

The Go-Optic warranty does not extend to the manufacturer warranty. Any extended manufacturer warranties must be handled directly through the manufacturer. The manufacturer may be contacted for further assistance about any extended warranty offers and services.

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