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Prescription Types
  Eyeglass prescriptions cannot be used for ordering contact lenses, or vice-versa.

There are two types of ophthalmic prescriptions based on the type of medical device (Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses) being ordered.  All vision prescriptions generally offer the same type of vision corrections. The following prescription types are accepted for prescription orders.

eyeglass prescription

Eyeglass Prescription

Note: OTC Readers do not require a verified eyeglass prescription.

A prescription lens strength for correction is prescribed for prescription lenses. The actual frame and lens option is generally selected by the wearer according to their preference and liking.

How to Read an Eyeglass Prescription

contact lens prescription

Contact Lens Prescription

A lens strength, along with the brand, wear duration, size, and curve of the contact lens is prescribed for contact lenses. Contact lens prescriptions are more complex than eyeglass prescriptions due to the fact the device (contact lens) comes in physical contact with the eyeball. A valid contact lens prescription is required even when ordering non-prescription contact lenses.

How to Read a Contact Lens Prescription

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Vision Correction Types

All vision correction types are currently supported:

  • Plano: Non-Prescription
  • Single Vision: Distance, Intermediate, or Near
  • Multifocal: Progressives (PAL), Bifocal, or Trifocal
  • Readers: Over-the-counter Readers

Using a multifocal prescription for a single vision lens order:

A multifocal/bifocal prescription can be converted and be used for a Single Vision (distance or near) prescription lens order. The customer may provide whether the lens is to be made in a distance or near vision type in the comments section of their single vision lens order (during checkout).

Convert the multifocal prescription into a distance or near single vision prescription online by using the conversion tool.

Multifocal to Single Vision Conversion Tool
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Supported Ranges & Parameters

All advanced fields & parameters are supported and automatically applied to the order upon verification of the prescription to ensure accuracy. Any additional charges or fees require customer confirmation before fulfillment.

Parameter Details
Prism The additional fee for the prism is $10 per diopter. Fraction diopters are billed as full diopters.
Seg Height A custom Seg Height may be provided (in the comments section during checkout) for multifocal lens order as long as the measurement is intended for the same glasses model and size. Otherwise, the in-house formula is used by default based on the frame size.
OC Height A custom OC (Optic Center) Height may be provided (in the comments section during checkout) for single vision lens order as long as the measurement is intended for the same glasses model and size. Otherwise, the in-house formula is used by default based on the frame size.
High Powers All prescription powers (up to +20.00) are supported. Additional costs may be required based on lens type and material.
High Astigmatism All astigmatism powers (up to +10.00) are supported. Additional costs may be required based on lens type and material. Aspheric lenses are available for high astigmatism powers.
Half Steps Parameters that are outside the common quarter (0.25) increments. Example: -0.12
Balanced Balanced lenses are for wearers blind in one eye who wish to have the same lens thickness for both lenses. Balanced lenses are supported at no extra cost.

  Vision Glossary

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How to Provide a Prescription

A prescription may be provided for verification for an existing order using either of the following methods:

  The Go-Optic order number must be included with the copy of the prescription.


Email / SMS as an attachment


Toll-Free: 1.888.579.1155


Provide Patient/Doctor Details
We'll call to get it

  Upload & Submit Prescription

 Submit Instructions:
  • Emailed or Faxed prescriptions must include:
    • Go-Optic order number
    • Patients name
    • Prescription date
    • Doctor's signature
    • Accepted file types: JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, PDF
  • Phone verification information may be provided in the order or to the order department via a New Support Ticket
    • Patient name
    • Patient Date of Birth
    • Doctor's office phone/fax number
    • Date of prescription 
 Verification Information:
  • Prescriptions submitted after 12 PM EST will be reviewed the following business day (Monday-Friday excluding major holidays).
  • Phone verifications may experience an additional 1-2 business day delay based on the availability of the doctor's office. Authorization by the patient may be required by the doctor's office to release prescription information.
  • A notification email is sent when the prescription has been reviewed and verified along with any issues which may require further attention from the customer.
  • Prescription orders are only processed after the prescription has been verified. Please see the Order Status Definitions or Check the Order Status for further details.
  • A prescription only needs to be verified once. After a prescription is successfully verified, it is stored on file for future use, and may be referenced to by the customer in future orders.
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How to Obtain a Prescription
  As per FTC Guidelines, all eye doctors must give patients a copy of their eyeglass prescriptions after completion of an eye exam.

New Prescription

A new prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses may be obtained by a certified eye doctor or optometrist upon completing an eye exam.


Existing Prescription

A copy of an existing prescription may be obtained by contacting the prescribing eye doctor.

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Prescription Readers
Turn any pair of prescription glasses into readers as if they were from the drugstore without requiring a valid prescription. To order readers without a valid prescription, when prompted to add your prescription, select the "Readers Only" option, and provide the reading strength during the lens order.
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Expired Prescriptions
Glasses Prescriptions commonly expire in 1-2 years from the date they are issued. The expiration date is usually found written on the prescription. Unfortunately expired prescriptions are not accepted unless prior written approval from the prescribing doctor.
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