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Our store and catalog is only available online at this time.
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Paper Catalog Mailer
Our catalog is only available online at this time. Considering signing up to our email mailing list for updates and special offers.
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Shopping Cart Problems
If you are experiencing problems with our shopping cart, please make sure your "cookies" are enabled. We use "cookies" in order to improve your shopping experience. To enable cookies on your browser, please review the documentation for your browser for further assistance. You may also be experiencing problems if your browser cannot accept SSL 2.0 + connections. The browser error should provide more information if this type of error occurs.
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Customer Checkout Types

Registered Accounts

Customers who have registered for an account online will be able to see their order history and place orders with their stored information. Customer must Register Online to help prevent type-o's or mistakes.

Guest Accounts

Customers who prefer not to register for an account may place an order as a Guest during the checkout process. Guests may still access the order status information online by using the order status section, but will not be able to use any of the features associated with a registered account.

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Additional Comments Section
The Additional Comments Section can be used to enter additional information about a product or an order. The comment area can be found on the checkout page as shown below.

Additional comments
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Similar Brands & Styles
If you're looking for something similar to an item, you can try using the search filters with the most prominent feature to what you're looking for; Shape, size, color, material, etc. If you're unable to locate anything you like using the search filters, their also are other features in the online catalog which can help find similar items as shown below.

Similar Items (You May Also Like)
It can also be helpful to view the "You May Also Like" section at the bottom of most product pages to see any similar styles which may possible be available. The image below shows an example of what this area looks like:

Eyewear you may also like
Similar Brands
Certain brands belong to a particular brand family / group which may be similar to each other. Many times, the styles from these brands are designed by the same designer(s). The Similar Brands section may be found on the page of the brand, as shown in the example below:

Similar Eyewear Brands
View the Brand List 
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Searching for an Item
You may find that the online catalog of eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, prescription lenses, goggles (and more) can be quite overwhelming at times due to all of the different products offered. Finding the item you're looking for is simplified as much as possible using the different search categories and filter attributes of the products. Attributes like Material, Gender, Style, Size, Color, etc. are available for many products to help make the process for finding the perfect product easy and seamless.
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Can't Find an Item?
If you are unable to find a particular item that you're looking for in our extensive eyewear catalog, please let us know and will try to get it for you.  Certain brands and styles may not be currently advertised on our website, but that doesn't mean we can't get it. We have access to tens of thousands of eyewear products.  Submit a request to carry a brand or item directly online using the Item Request Form, and we'll see if we can get it for you.

Submit New Online Request
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Virtual Frame Try-On
Unfortunately, we do not offer a virtual try-on service at this time. Please check back in the future for any updates or additions to the features on the website.
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Finding Compatible Glasses

It can be a challenge to find a frame to transfer your existing lenses to due to even slight differences in size and shape causing gaps. Additionally, the lenses which have precise optical measurements for the original frame, will not be the same in the new frame unless the fit is the same. Considering all the factors, we do not support finding glasses to fit existing lenses.
If the glasses are the same model and size as what you already have, we can only guarantee that the item will be as advertised. We cannot guarantee your existing lenses will fit into the new frames you purchase from our store. In some cases, the existing frames may have been altered to fit the lenses, so therefore, we cannot guarantee they will fit the same.

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Product Information & Availability
Shop Now Same-day Shipping Available

Need it right away? All items marked as Rush-Shipping generally ship the same business day*

Get additional product information or check the current availablity by using the "Request Product Availability" link found on the product detail / order page. An example of accessing the request form may be seen in the image below.


Product Details / Order Page:

Request Product Availability - Eyewear
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