Store Policy

The Store Policy below describes our general terms and guidelines for orders placed at our store. This policy is subject to change at any time without notice.


  1. Demo lenses & Patterns
    1. Most eyeglasses will arrive with demo lenses installed in the glasses, which usually have the brand logo stamped.
    2. Since eyeglasses are considered a medical device, demo lenses are intended to be replaced with prescription lenses and are not made for regular use. Plano lenses for cosmetic-only use may be added instead.
    3. Some manufacturers may provide the glasses without any demo lenses. What the manufacturer offers at the time will be provided.
    4. In some cases, demo lenses can arrive with minor scuffs or scratches from the manufacturer. This is common and not generally considered damage or a defect since the demo lenses are intended to be replaced.
    5. Certain glasses may arrive unassembled and will need to assembled by the lens installer.
  2. Designer Cases
    1. Styles of eyeglass cases that are included with specific glasses may vary based on the current manufacturer's supply and may not always be the same as a previous batch.
    2. If the manufacturer still offers cases with the frame but is temporarily out, we will substitute one for one of our cases at no extra cost.
  3. Frame Fit & Adjustments
    1. New eyeglass frames may arrive crooked or unadjusted and are generally adjusted at the time of lens installation.
    2. Frames purchased with lenses will be adjusted or straightened to their symmetrical shape.
    3. The customer is responsible for having their frame personally fitted or adjusted by a local optical store bearing any associated costs or expenses.
  4. Order Modifications
    1. Item availability is subject to change at any time without notice.
    2. If an item is unavailable or discontinued, the unavailable item will be removed from the order, while the remaining available items will continue to be processed by default.
    3. If all item(s) are removed from an order except for add-ons or accessories, the entire order is canceled and refunded by default. 
    4. Photos shown of the products are for illustration purposes only. Items may arrive with minor modifications made by the manufacturer or colors may be arranged differently than shown in photos advertised.
    5. Random color patterns (ie. Tortoise-shell, havana, striped, marbled, etc) may be arranged differently than advertised in photos, as they are randomly applied per frame basis from the manufacturer.
  5. Lens Fees & Substitutions
    1. Upon prescription verification, it may be determined that there are additional costs required to complete a particular lens order due to the complexity of the prescription and frame/lens configuration. In this event, the order will be placed on hold, and the customer will be notified to confirm the extra cost or other possibilities or cancel the order and be refunded in full.
    2. The in-house formula based on the size of the frame will be used to determine the Seg or OC height of the lens unless provided by the customer when placing the order.
    3. The standard frame PD measurement will be used for "Readers Only" lenses unless the customer provides a different measurement when placing the order.
    4. Specific brand anti-glare coating options may not always be available for a particular lens configuration. In this case, we will substitute a comparable brand coating option that is available for the custom lens order.
  6. Cancellation
    1. An item may be canceled if it has not yet been packaged or shipped.
    2. If the item has already been packaged or shipped, it is no longer eligible for cancelation and must be returned.
    3. If the item has not yet been packaged or shipped,
      1. A 10% cancellation fee will be charged for each item canceled to help cover vendor expenses.
      2. A 30% cancellation fee will be charged for each set of Lenses (including add-ons) canceled.
    4. If the order has already been packaged or shipped, a 15% cancellation/restocking fee will be charged for each item canceled.
    5. Lenses orders cannot be canceled once they have been packaged or shipped and are non-refundable.
    6. Contact lens orders cannot be canceled once they are processed and are non-refundable.
    7. We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel an order for any reason.
  7. Shipping
    1. General
      1. Shipping fees are not refundable once the shipment has been processed and the service has been rendered.
      2. All shipments include insurance and tracking services.
      3. Shipping terms and transit times are subject to the terms, delays, and service exceptions by the shipping carrier.
      4. For security reasons, a signature may be required for delivery. A signature for delivery is generally needed for higher-valued or replacement orders.
      5. When an item is on backorder, the remaining items available will be shipped separately via the original shipping method selected, then any remaining item(s) on backorder will be shipped once they become available at no extra shipping cost via the standard shipping method. (For US customers only)
      6. If the shipping method selected is not currently available to the shipping destination, the option will be changed to the next available lesser option without prior notice, and a refund for any price difference will be issued.
      7. Shipments returned to the sender will be processed as a return. Please see the returns section for details.
    2. International Shipments
      1. Customs duty/tax is not collected for international shipments.
      2. International customers are responsible for arranging payment for any necessary duty/tax required prior to shipment delivery.
      3. International shipments will be shipped once all items are processed and completed unless the customer requests to pay the costs for additional shipments.
    3. Lost & Damaged Shipments
      1. We are not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise the customer has not reported within the timeframes below:
        1. All damaged shipments must be reported within 7 days from delivery.
        2. All lost shipments must be reported 30-60 days after the ship date.
      2. A shipping claim will be initiated for lost or damaged shipments reported.
      3. We are not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise without the lost or damaged shipment claim being approved by the shipping company.
      4. Upon claim approval, a replacement order will be provided to the customer at no extra cost, or a full refund will be issued upon customer request.
  8. Payment & Refunds
    1. General
      1. The customer is responsible for paying the total amount of their order, including any outstanding balances or past-due amounts.
      2. We reserve the right to process any outstanding balances, including changes in the total price due to order modifications.
      3. All transactions will be processed to the payment details currently on file in the order. 
      4. Cash, checks, or money orders are not currently accepted.
    2. Refunds & Authorizations
      1. Uncaptured (Authorize-only) billing transactions are released back to the cardholder after 20 days from the day of authorization.
      2. Refunds take up to 7 business days to post to the cardholder's billing statement from the day it is issued.
    3. Credit Card Disputes
      1. It is always suggested that customers attempt to resolve any payment matters with the merchant directly prior to submitting a dispute with the bank.
      2. The customer will be charged a $25 service fee for each reversed bank dispute claimed.
  9. Prescriptions
    1. A valid prescription is required for prescription orders.
    2. Expired prescriptions are not accepted for verification.
    3. The prescription details in the order will be automatically updated with the current valid prescription details provided upon verification.
    4. The customer/patient authorizes our company to obtain a copy of their prescription from their doctor's office to verify the order.
    5. The customer/patient is responsible for authorizing the release of the prescription with the doctor's office to our company for the reason of verifying the order.
    6. The customer/patient authorizes our company to communicate with them regarding their prescription order via email.
    7. The exact prescription provided by the doctor will be filled within the national optical tolerance levels as per ANSI Z80.1-2015 standards.
    8. Changes made in the prescription by the doctor are covered under our Lens Accuracy Guarantee.
    9. Prescription changes and alterations are not accepted without prior written approval by the doctor.
  10. Returns
    1. Return Requests
      1. A request for the return must be submitted directly online by the customer using the self-help return page at anytime prior to returning their order. Please see the Return Instructions for details.
      2. All return requests are subject to physical inspection before final approval.
      3. Returns that do not follow the terms stated in this returns section are subject to being refused.
      4. Refused returns will be sent back to the customer at the customer's expense.
      5. Return exceptions such as a final sale or exchange-only are shown in the item title or description when available.
    2. Frames & General Return Conditions
      1. All items must be returned in new, unused, and resellable condition, or they may be refused.
      2. All original contents must be intact and included with the frame or item, such as packaging, parts, cases, clothes, authenticity cards, demo lenses, and other contents, or it may be refused.
      3. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for each item returned for a Refund after any applicable coupons.
      4. Items may be exchanged for a full store credit (after applicable coupons) towards a new purchase and are not subject to a restocking fee.
      5. Lenses (including options) are non-refundable as they are custom-made and cannot be resold to another customer.
      6. Merchandise described as “FINAL SALE” or "EXCHANGE ONLY" is non-returnable and non-refundable.
    3. Lens Exchanges
      1. Lenses may be exchanged for a 50% credit towards a new set of lenses of the same or greater value.
      2. If the new exchange lenses are of lesser value, a 50% fee on the new lenses will only be charged for the exchange instead.
      3. Lens exchanges expire if not used within 60 days of the order date.
      4. Lens options added are included in the lens exchange value.
      5. Contact lenses are non-refundable but may be exchanged one time for a change of prescription of the same brand as long as they are still sealed.
    4. Shipping Conditions
      1. All return shipments must be postmarked within 30 days of the delivery date or may be refused.
      2. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning the order.
      3. The customer is responsible for lost return shipments or damaged items in the returned shipments. It is suggested all returns are packed safely and shipped insured.
      4. A prepaid shipping label may be provided for an additional cost upon request by contacting our support department once the return request has been submitted. (US Customers Only)
      5. Returns may take up to two weeks from the delivery date to process.
      6. Exchanges will be shipped to the same shipping address on file unless a new address is provided by the customer online or in their return comments.
      7. Exchange shipping will be the standard shipping method unless otherwise requested by the customer in their return comments.
      8. The customer will be notified via email once the return has been processed, including any additional details.
      9. International return shipments must have “RETURN WITH NO VALUE” selected on the customs form.
      10. The customer is responsible for any customs import tax/duty associated with their international return shipment.
    5. Incorrect or Damaged Frames
      1. Incorrect or damaged frames must be reported within 7 days from the delivery date.
      2. A replacement for the correct or non-damaged item will be provided at no extra cost or a full refund.
      3. A pre-paid shipping label will be provided at no extra cost to return the order. (US Customers Only)
      4. If a prepaid shipping label is not requested, the customer may be reimbursed for their return shipping costs upon request up to the cost of our current standard shipping rate.
      5. For return shipping reimbursements, a copy of the shipping receipt showing the total expense must be provided to our support team for verification. 
    6. Warranty
      1. General Conditions
        1. All items are covered for a minimum of 1 year against manufacturing defects.
        2. Defective merchandise must be returned and postmarked within the warranty period from the order date.
        3. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning the order for a warranty request.
        4. Warranty may be voided if merchandise has been altered, abused, broken, mishandled, shows excessive signs of wear-and-tear, or noticeable signs of being exposed to extreme heat, moisture, or harsh chemicals.
        5. Defective merchandise will be repaired or replaced if irreparable.
        6. A full store credit will be issued to the customer if the merchandise is irreparable and irreplaceable.
        7. A $15 shipping & handling fee will be charged to the customer for each defective item returned under warranty.
        8. Shipping & handling costs for warranty requests include the shipping expenses for shipping the order back to the customer but do not cover the shipping expenses from the customer.
      2. Lens Warranty
        1. All lenses with incorrect prescriptions are covered under the Lens Accuracy Guarantee (See Lens Accuracy Guarantee).
        2. Scratched, cracked, or chipped lenses are considered damage and are not covered under warranty.
        3. Scratched lenses with anti-glare coating are covered under a one-time lens re-do warranty.
        4. Chips and cracks are covered under a one-time lens re-do warranty for Polycarbonate and Trivex material lenses only.
        5. A $25 shipping & handling fee will be charged to the customer for each lens warranty request, along with any other applicable fees (see Lab Repair Fees).
      3. Lens Accuracy Guarantee
        1. We guarantee to cover changes made in the prescription by the doctor for 60 days from the day of delivery.
        2. All lens guarantee requests must be returned within 60 days of delivery.
        3. Lens Guarantee Requests are only honored for a one-time replacement.
        4. Customer support must be contacted for all lens guarantee requests.
        5. If new lenses are necessary, we will use the same lenses (or a similar brand) for the replacement lenses.
        6. A new prescription written by the doctor must be provided for requests that involve a change in prescription.
        7. A valid PD measurement or Seg height must be provided for requests that involve a change in these measurements.
        8. A $15 shipping & handling fee will be charged to the customer for each lens guarantee request, along with any other applicable fees (see Lab Repair Fees).
      4. Manufacturer Warranty
        1. The manufacturer or extended warranties offered by the manufacturer must be handled directly with the manufacturer. 
        2. The warranty terms offered by the manufacturer may be different than ours.
        3. The customer must contact the manufacturer directly for further details and assistance with issues covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
  11. Lab Repair Fees
    1. Lab repair fees may be charged alone or in addition to other fees for swapping, exchanging, or warranty requests.
    2. A $25 lab fee will be charged for swapping the customer's lens purchased elsewhere into a new frame of the same model and size.
    3. A $50 lab fee will be charged for any lens requests that involve lens re-mounting or sending the order to the Swissflex lab. (Swissflex glasses only)
    4. A $10 lab fee will be charged for re-mounting a lens into a full rimless frame.
  12. Lens Replacement Service
    1. The Lens Replacement Service is available for existing customers only at this time.
    2. The customer's frames returned for the service must still be in good condition.
    3. The customer must email photos of the frames in their existing condition to the support department for review and approval prior to returning.
    4. We are not responsible for any breakage or damage caused to the frame during lens installation.
    5. We reserve the right to refuse any Lens Replacement Service.
    6. The latest valid prescription provided to our store will be used for the replacement lenses unless a new prescription is provided.
    7. The same lenses and options as the original order will be processed unless the customer requests otherwise.
    8. A new order will be generated using the same details on file on the original order.


Last revised: Oct 29, 2022